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Why Should I Choose George Parker?

Dedication, and going the extra mile to ensure a positive result.

I dedicate myself fully and completely to your problem, even spending time outside the normal consultation to work on your health problems.

I am a naturopath who treats your health problem from every possible angle.

I piece together the puzzle of your illness, treating the past, the accumulative damage, the symptoms, the specific causes, the triggers and current contributing factors.

I am a naturopath who uses a range of the best treatments, because one size never fits all

Your problem is unique, so it needs a unique solution. I am expertly qualified in a number of different natural therapies, so your health problem may benefit from herbal medicine, nutrition, dietary planning, flower essences, lifestyle advice, and additional body, mind and energy therapies. I promise to deliver the best that natural medicine has to offer.

I am a naturopath who believes that every human being is a masterpiece who deserves excellent health.

I genuinely want to help all people. I look at your whole body, not just the ‘problem’, because only by looking at the problem holistically, will there be a successful solution.

I am a naturopath who believes that every individual, no matter where he or she lives, deserves the best treatment.

Distance is no barrier, because I believe that every individual in every corner of the globe should have access to excellent naturopathic health care. I specialise in distance treatments.

I am a naturopath who believes that prevention is better than a cure.

I will use my expertise to treat any current conditions, and I’ll also be proactive about the possibility of future conditions, which will save you time and money in the long run.

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