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Those of Us That Are Often Overlooked

Throughout the course of the day, we often consider the issues involving Human Rights and those who are suffering due to the greed and ignorance of others. And rightfully so, since the hope of humanity (and our own sense of hope) can be directly related to those that we see every day. But have you ever taken the time to see the hundreds of animals that are the subject of horrendous cruelty. Not just the cruelty inflicted on such loyal friends – such as dogs that are butchered alive and sold in Asian markets, but the ones that are subject to neglect, abuse and other forms of inhumanity.

For example, one of the most intelligent and loving creatures on the face of our world can be found in the affection of the cats. For those who have made cats their companions and have made a home for them, their true value is easily seen. The sound of a cat’s purr can lower one’s stress level and create a sense of peace that calms us through our deep spiritual connection with one another. Then there are those who would not even think twice of focusing their cruelty on one of these beautiful creatures as a means of reflecting their own ugliness from within.

The same holds true for one of the most intelligent and gentle of all creatures – the dolphin. Dolphins, like cats are also the subject of the callousness of others as they are slaughtered by the thousands, just for the sake of convenience. For hope to thrive, we must allow ourselves, not only to rise above this level of ignorance as humans, but to also stand up against these unacceptable injustices.

In our next offering, we show an illustration of just how sensitive and intelligent dolphins and cats can be. Even to the point of transcending the boundaries of different species in order to reach out and greet one another. As humans, our hope also lies in the ability to be sensitive to one another – despite our differences.

~ George Parker, N.D.

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