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The Wayseer Manifesto

Currently, there is a video circulating on the Internet that is known as the Wayseer Manifesto and it is the work of author Garret John LoPorto. The premise of the video is a shout-out to those who have been suppressed when it comes to hiding their creative (and for many – genius gifts). In actuality, the suppression of these gifts has been so profound as to actually mask the gifts, themselves, so that they have become unrecognizable to their owners. So, in other words, a creative spark or impulse may be considered as an aberration to its owner should that spark be met with hostility or scorn by society at large. Certainly, it may never be properly rewarded within the lifetime of the exhibitor (see Vincent van Gogh and Edgar Allan Poe). The Wayseer Manifesto video is a call to using this rare aptitude to lead society into positive transformation.

This transformation is said to occur when our world and its prevailing concepts of reality are awakened to the true calling of humans on this planet. Those that are the vanguards of this change are called the “Wayseers”. They can also be known as healers, visionaries and spiritual leaders. It is these individuals who are said to bring all of humanity into an alignment with the concept of “The Way”.

When the Wayseers of the world are awakened to their true calling on this planet, a massive shift in the human condition will occur. Wayseers are the change agents of humanity – the innovators, the healers, the visionaries, the spiritual leaders and the entrepreneurs are examples of those who are here to lead humanity into alignment with the Way. That term “Way” can be associated with the “Tao”, the “Path to God” and other definitions that relate to higher purposes of human existence.

The philosophy of the Wayseers includes the concept that the potential innovators of society are able to see and understand various aspects of spirituality and the world that approximately 90% of humanity is unable to see. This, in turn, represents a threat to the other 90% of humanity which includes those that represent “authority”. Thus, the Wayseers are generally branded as dangerous revolutionaries. This also means that the Wayseers represent about a considerable number of people throughout the world, since 10% is not an insignificant number. However only approximately a few hundred thousand are in contact with each other and thus can be considered organized. This video is a call to action for other Wayseers to join a collective movement that is advertised online.

The author of this movement, Mr LoPoto, has battled his own issues with Attention Deficit Disorder and has since chosen to focus on his strengths, rather than the weaknesses of his affliction. He has encouraged others to do the same through creativity, rather than with drugs, which is highly commendable. His concept of stopping and determining that creativity should not be linked with insanity is also noteworthy and essentially correct.

However, we should also be aware that the use of our brain’s pre-frontal cortex (which tends to be looked down upon in the video) is needed in order to keep our behaviours in check. In truth, those within our society that are the most creative have needed those who are grounded in society’s conventions in order to help them pay the bills, clean the house, etc. But without these creative Wayseers, we would have never moved forward in our quest for truth through spirituality. Let’s hope that they will not be as suppressed by future generations. In any case, we believe that you will find the video quite entertaining and enlightening…

~ George Parker, N.D.

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