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The Ultimate Message of Hope For Our Time

Hope can come in many forms and, of course, there are many stories that can perfectly illustrate how hope can affect our lives and lives of those around us. But one can always pose the question as to whether or not we make a difference in our environment – even when we are not engaged in some extraordinary action that is eventually noted by those who observe and share what we’re doing? The answer to this question may surprise you. In actuality, we are in a unique position in our human history to make a positive impact that can bring light and hope into the world.

The key to understanding the basis for this astounding individual ability is to understand, first and foremost, that our nature is one of spirit that temporarily inhabits a garment that we know as the human body. The body is not our true nature – but it does reflect certain aspects of ourselves that interact with the world at large. The most powerful forms of communication and interaction come from us when we seek to find the center of peace within ourselves.

When looking closely at this, we understand that it’s a known scientific fact that our world is influenced by electro-magnetic energy. That energy exists in everything and that energy resides in each of us. However, it has since been determined that the heart, and not the brain, is the true center of our energy. This only makes sense, since the heart is up to 100% stronger electrically and up to 5,000% stronger magnetically than the brain. So what does this mean? It means that the emotions that we experience, whether positive or negative, can actually influence the encoded information sent out by the heart. This, in turn, affects our surroundings. For example, feelings of joy and hope can alter the behavior of those around us. This ability to generate positive energy can be accessed very simply by one basic practice. The practice of meditation.

This cause and effect has been demonstrated numerous times. A famous example occurred when a large group of meditation-practicing individuals were assembled in Washington in 1993. As the group began to meditate, it was quickly noticed that there was an amazing drop in the area’s crime rate. But what was even more amazing was that there was a definite mathematical parallel drawn between the number of meditating individuals and the crime rate percentage. The larger the meditation group, the larger the corresponding drop in the crime rate. This has been proven on more than one occasion and the facts speak for themselves. Each of us makes a difference in our environment. And the simplest and most profound way to create an immediate effect is through meditation.

This message of hope is critical to the survival of our civilization. We know that, in the past, our ancestors lived as one unit and practiced the ways of meditation. However, complacency eventually led them to forget their connection to one another. The result has been the swift disappearance of entire civilizations whose evidence of existence is only now being discovered. Throughout the world, new pyramids are currently being revealed that can attest to this fact. One of the most wondrous is found at the site of the lost civilization in the Mayan City of Mirador, Guatemala. There, we have found the largest valley of pyramids in the known world along with the largest known pyramid. But where are the people? Will the same question be asked about us, in the future?

The only way that we will insure our survival is to understand the realities of hope, love and the eternal message that we are all part of the same family. It is within this reality, that we will truly come to understand how important each of us is to one another. Here we offer a beautifully presented video that brings out these points for us to ponder…

~ George Parker, N.D.

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