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Stuart Wilde Affirmations

☀ I am infinite. I have all the time in the world. Things flow to me gradually, as needed.

☀ I utter the word ‘Peace’ twelve times each day, for ‘Peace’ is my dedication. I am at one with myself and all things.

☀ I am the gentle wave lapping on the golden shore of life – my emotions seek balance at all times.

☀ Let the mother of all things take me into her heart. Trusting, I let go.

☀ Change is natural for me. Within it I experience new and exciting aspects of myself.

☀ Waving good-bye, leaving and smiling, I release old energy. I walk confidently into the new day.

☀ In holding silence my spirit speaks to me in trust, all comes to pass given time.

☀ There are many things I do not understand. I like it that way!

☀ I am as one with the Golden Light of the God Force. It flows back and forth gently through my life.

☀ The way things are is the way they are. I accept that. In doing so it sets me free.

☀ There is strength in gentleness. I flow naturally along the path of least resistance.

☀ Prosperity, Creativity and Success flow from within me. I have the courage to create.

☀ My home is my sanctuary. Nothing enters her least it be of love and tranquility. So be it.

☀ My friendships lay in the treasure house of my soul.

☀ As I expand myself I grow more prosperous. Wealth is a part of my spiritual understanding. I open to receive all things.

☀ Life is a piece of cake. Chocolate cake!

☀ The spirit of nature calls to me from the wild. It is the God Force whispering in my ear.

☀ I am eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. So be it.

☀ My world is one of perception and strength. All things are possible.

☀ My body is graceful and slender. I select only foods that are nutritious and kind to my body.

☀ I control my life absolutely. I am stepping away from old habits.

☀ Truth is my friend.

☀ I communicate my needs to others in honesty and clarity.

☀ I utter the word ‘Love’ twelve times each day, for ‘Love’ is how my spirit calls to me from eternity.

☀ This is my day. I control each and every thing that comes to me. I accept complete responsibility for my life. I am power. So be it.

☀ I am truly apart of all things. The GodForce flows through me. I feel secure.

☀ The universe is abundant. Therefore I naturally feel abundant. All my needs are met.

☀ Courage is a natural part of my being. By facing life I transcend it.

☀ I feel good, therefore my life is good.

-Stuart Wilde-

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