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Just about all of us living in the modern world deal with increasing and unnatural levels of psychological stress, which manifests in many physiological ways. Because the effects of stress are so far-reaching and diverse, we have a webpage devoted exclusively to understanding stress and stress management. Click here for more information.

Or feel free to jump in to one of my e-books on the subject:

Other Mental Health Concerns

There are almost countless mental health considerations that patients come to me with. Often, these problems are intricately interconnected, making diagnosis and treatment even trickier. But you should never give up. I have a huge arsenal of medicines and therapies that can help you get well and stay well, no matter what your trouble is. You may also wish to take a look at the extensive catalogue of my website Mindivine (click link for more info). There, you will a number of therapies you can try on your own.

Here is a list of some of the more common mental health concerns I help to treat, aside from stress and mood disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Poor concentration
  • Low self-esteem
  • Memory problems
  • Age-related cognitive decline

Together, we can tackle mental health disorders safely and naturally, without any dangerous side effects. You will be feeling happy, healthy and confident sooner than you think. It all starts with a call or e-mail.

Hope in Adversity

So often, our mental health troubles come with adversity. Sometimes they are caused by it, and sometimes they cause it – or more often, both. As these problems pile up, we can begin to feel hopeless and alone. I want to help you see that this is always hope, and that we are never truly alone. So I created a collection that I call Hope in Adversity.

Hope in Adversity is an extensive library of stories, videos, poems, essays, and other media meant to provide you with hope, joy, and comfort. You will laugh and cry, all the while building your feelings of resilience and your faith in humanity. You can come here feeling at the end of your rope, and you’ll leave feeling secure and inspired.

If you are struggling, please click this link to see our collection. It contains the following categories:

  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Courage and Hope
  • Grief and Loss
  • Spiritual Uplifting

No matter what your adversity is, you’ll find a soothing balm for it here.

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