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Starting A New Life

by Jan Brooks

Starting a new life,
Letting go of all in my past,
Only memories left,
Of a marriage that didn’t last.
Starting a new life,
Moving on now from the old,
And the heartache it brought,
From a man who’s love had gone cold.
Starting a new life,
Giving up on all that I knew,
All the insecurities,
Of a man who was deceitful and untrue.
Starting a new life,
Shedding a fake and feeble disguise,
Facing the reality,
And escaping all the unfaithfulness and lies.
Starting a new life,
Finding a freedom I never had,
A new future beckons,
And I’ll try to make something good from the bad.
Starting a new life,
Looking forward to a new day,
A different direction,
And hopefully happiness will come my way…

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