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Spiritual Upliftment

Most of us know what it is like to feel the effects of a physical illness that can either temporarily slow us down or may cause us to seek a doctor for treatment. But, unlike a physical illness, when we are suffering at a spiritual level, every aspect of our existence feels the effects of this profound infirmity. Every action that we make and every success that we achieve hinges on the strength of our spiritual selves. The reason for this lies with the fact that, unlike our current physical form, our spiritual nature represents our true selves.

When we understand that we are actually an eternal spirit temporarily residing in a physical body, then we begin to comprehend the power that is inherent in our thoughts and the focus of our attention. This is the basis of every religion and spiritual practice since the dawn of time. As we move forward in our history, we are seeing a greater realization of these facts as more people are seeking the spiritual side of their beliefs, while striving to make this a better world.

Here, in this section of Hope in Adversity, we wish to provide you with some thoughts that directly address the spiritual aspects of our nature, in order to assist you with understanding your true self. To help you find that inner sense of strength and peace that we all need in order to rise above the trials that life has, and will continue, to offer us. Join us in uplifting that vital part of our inner being which brings us into harmony with our universe.

~ George Parker, N.D.

Spiritual Upliftment Stories

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Spiritual Upliftment: Quotes and Poems

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When Our Faith Becomes More Than Just a Word

For your consideration, there is a remarkable song from an Australian singer/songwriter Guy Sebastian entitled “Get Along”. You can find it on YouTube and its powerful message is one of our current inabilities to let faith guide us. Instead, we use our individual religions to hate and persecute one another, while the innocent suffer. Appropriately, the song’s background carries a military feel, which meshes perfectly with the concept of destroying those whom we have made “faceless”, just as in war. Within its lyrics, “Get Along” cries out to those revered members of different faiths that people pray to and who, ironically, symbolize the love and harmony that could be possible for us to attain. The song is neither complex nor does it carry a “hidden” meaning. It’s the cry of one who has taken the time to stop and ask those who are prayed to, can’t we all just come together for once and “get along”.

Because of the song’s lack of hidden meaning, it would be more appropriate to refer to the motivation of the tune, rather than the actual lyric content. This means that it would be fair to assume that the inability to “get along” arises from various religious beliefs that cannot be reconciled with a harmonious world. For example, watching a child die because of the child’s parent’s belief that blood transfusions are, somehow, inherently ‘evil’. Or dealing with so-called religious individuals who feel the need to viciously attack homosexual people by proclaiming that they are abominations who should either be ‘cured’ or obliterated. These people, of course, have herded themselves like lemmings. Whether they are looking for rewards, in heaven, to be obtained by blowing apart the innocent (along with themselves) or feel that the only people worth associating with are those who have the exact same religious beliefs. Even then, it’s pretty easy to find dissent, egotism and backstabbing within a so-called ‘peaceful’ and ‘holy’ congregation. In truth, it can be seen that the wars (large and small), sparked by the “faith clubs” of our societies are but fantasies and hurdles that masquerade as ‘religion’.

~ George Parker, N.D.

“A Spirit That Manages to Even Outshine an Incredible Talent”

Here, we have an amazing example of what the human spirit looks like when it isn’t hindered by the weight that the world constantly attempts to place upon it. On any other day, you could find Ellen Degeneres on TV and watch her introduce an amazingly talented young person, as she is prone to doing, whenever she can. In the past, there have been singers and other gifted young people who will certainly benefit from the exposure that her show can provide.

However, in this particular case, the young person in question is seven year-old Elias Phoenix, who happens to be an incredibly talented concert pianist/prodigy who has even performed in Carnegie Hall. He also happens to be the most wonderfully exuberant and soaring spirit that you could imagine seeing on her immensely popular talk-variety show. And in actuality, Ellen, herself, seems to feel the same way (according to her Twitter posts)! The reason for this has to do with the fact that this young boy projects such joy and love in his manner that you actually expect to see rays of light emanating from him! Everything he says demonstrates how thrilled and delighted he is to be experiencing the things around him. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this fantastic clip.

By the way, it should also be noted that Elias’ surname (“Phoenix”) denotes a mythical creature that is ‘reborn’ and rises gloriously from its’ ashes upon death. I couldn’t help thinking that Elias’ powerful and joyous spirit may just well be the perfect symbol for humanity ‘rising’ from our ancient history of cruelty, apathy and being self-centered. If this is the case (and I believe it is), then our future will be as beautiful as the notes that emanate from Elias’ keyboard.

~ George Parker, N.D.

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