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The Problem of Sleep Deprivation

It’s a fact that approximately a third of the world’s population is suffering from a dangerous level of sleep deprivation. As a result they are more at risk for illnesses that can include; digestive disorders, fatigue, depression and other ailments that can actually prove fatal, if left untreated. It’s been estimated that the average amount of sleep has decreased by 22% since the early 1900s, from nine hours a night to just seven. Our sleep mechanism is one of the most important aspects of our health and vitality and is the key to our ability to heal. The power of sleep can influence nearly every aspect of our lives and it’s the way in which we shape our sense of well-being.

Our goal, in this section, is to assist you in obtaining all the necessary information that you’ve been searching for regarding sleep disorders. Disorders such as snoring, insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep apnea and nightmares can be effectively treated through the information and products that we offer. It’s time that you started getting a good night’s rest.

Problems Associated With Insomnia

The problems associated with insomnia can be extremely costly. Among workers in the United States, for example, the medical and reduction in productivity costs, due to insomnia, are estimated to be from $92.5 to $107.5 billion according to the National Sleep Foundation, which is based in Washington. Unfortunately, though, the overall impact on health that relates to insomnia has largely been overlooked by doctors and patients alike.

Part of this relates to the fact that the signs and symptoms of insomnia can often mesh with other disorders. However, certain symptoms of insomnia have been identified as:

  • Inability to concentrate and focus throughout the day.
  • Poor memory or lapses in memory.
  • Lack of coordination that can lead to accidents (such as automobile accidents or falling).
  • Social dysfunction due to irritability.

It’s been observed that insomnia can originally be the result of stress and can become a chronic problem once sleeplessness has been associated with your bed. In many cases, the problem can be worsened by individuals who attempt to treat their own insomnia through the use of alcohol, antihistamines or over-the-counter sleep aids. Our website will show you the preferred natural methods for addressing your problems with sleep.

For Parents – Regarding Your Child’s Sleep

Restful sleep patterns are absolutely essential for children to grow, develop and stay healthy. In addition, your child’s sleep requirements will change as they get older, so it’s important to understand their sleep habits as they mature.

We are also committed to assist you with potential children’s sleep issues such as sleep walking children, sleep deprivation-related learning

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