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Repeat After Me

We hear it all the time. “Be happy with who you are.” It’s something that we tell ourselves and tell our children. But if we all truly listened to those words, I would imagine the cosmetic surgery industry would suddenly take a serious downturn. When I say “be happy with who you are”, I don’t mean that you should be satisfied with being overweight and unhealthy – that can be changed for the better. But if your self-image is damaged by a birthmark or scar – or a body shape that isn’t a replica of the latest fashion model’s, then consider the following images. Young people are especially susceptible to self-image problems and insecurities. These can sometimes manifest in horrific ways (drugs, self-mutilation, etc.). So take a moment to bolster your child’s self-image. Tell your daughter that she’s beautiful. And while you’re at it – say the same thing to yourself – ok?

~ George Parker N.D.

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