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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing technique with origins going back to the 1920s in Japan and Tibet. The practice involves the channelling of energy by means of a hands-on routine. The belief is that the Reiki practitioner, having been initiated with Reiki, becomes the channel to bring forth a healing energy from a higher source, balancing the energy in your body to re-establish equilibrium and promote wellness.

Reiki has no connection with any religious belief or cult. It was developed by a Buddhist and assumes a belief in spiritual energy, but Reiki does not require you to believe in any specific faith or spirituality.

What Does Reiki Do?

Helps you feel loved. Patients having a full Reiki session for the first time say things like, ‘I have never felt anything like this before’. What they are referring to is love and warmth, and a sense of confidence and worth. Therefore, it’s particularly useful for people who find it difficult to express their emotions.

Helps treat depression by giving you hope and helping you to feel worthy again. People suffering from depression benefit from Reiki because it provides a sense of reconnection, of being loved, and of reassurance. It can help provide hope and lets you feel worthy again. Reiki is not a cure, but it is a positive step toward recovery.

Heals physical ailments. Reiki is an intelligent energy and therefore knows what it needs to do. As it is channelled from the practitioner to the patient, it goes to where it’s needed, such as a fractured bone. Often patients report that they can feel a tingling in an old injury.

Helps you take control of your life. Just knowing that there is something you can do to take care of yourself means that you do not have to be at the mercy of external events.

Reiki and BalanSoul

I became a Reiki therapist in 1993, so I have a wealth of experience with this amazing art form. What a shame it would be to never experience the healing universal life energy channelled through your body. You would be missing out on quite an opportunity. It’s not a matter of believing whether it works or not – Reiki will work in spite of your disbelief or in accordance with your belief. It does not discern, and the result speaks for itself.

Many are amazed when I tell them that Reiki is offered as a distance treatment, since it usually very hands-on. But Reiki works in ways that quantum science is just beginning to scratch the surface of – on the subatomic level where laws of known science begin to disintegrate. While this is news to us, it’s been a part of energy therapies for millennia. This is a prime example of the cyclical nature of knowledge. We simply find new words for things that have been understood since humanity was young!

In distance Reiki treatments, we will have a preliminary interview on the phone so I can better understand your needs. After that, I can perform the therapy without any contact beyond the connection we form on the inner, spiritual level.

Still, some prefer to have Reiki performed in person, which I can also accommodate. In fact, it makes a great complement to a massage session!

–George Parker, N.D.

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