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Reality of Cancer

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Date:   31 October 2017

The Cancer Chronicles:
The Reality of Cancer

If cancer hasn’t already impacted your life, chances are it will in the future. Whether it hits a friend, family member, or even your own body, it is a devastating and sincerely frightening endeavour for a family and community. The emotional, psychological and physical tolls a cancer diagnosis takes is beyond calculation.

This is why I have released this series of booklets, The Cancer Chronicles, and continue to add to it. I want to do my share to put an end to all of the agony caused by this horrific disease. To take a passive role in the fight against cancer would be, for me as a health care professional, entirely unethical.

No one ever expects to hear that they’ve been diagnosed with cancer. The word “cancer” itself conjures up an image of a patient lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by family, as they closes their eyes for the last time. If this was actually the entire picture, then being told that you have terminal cancer may just be another way of being handed the date of your demise. But the realities of cancer advancement could be far more horrific than you can imagine.

If you’ve ever had an unfortunate opportunity to visit a cancer ward of the hospital, then you understand what I mean. There, you will not find rooms full of patients and family members who are awaiting the final peaceful rest with calm serenity. You’re more likely to see something straight out of a nightmare. You will see a place that easily rivals the insides of a torture chamber, albeit filled with good intentions. This is a home to a hellish ordeal that, in many cases, could have been avoided.

Download this free instalment now to learn about the reality of cancer and cancer treatment – including a firsthand information from a nurse – and what you can do to avoid it. Don’t let another day go by without having this important information to guide you.

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