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What is NLP?

At our mental core, humans are not that different from computers. We are constantly being programmed, reprogrammed, and filled to capacity with data. Generally, you don’t have much control over this process. It happens naturally, and you take what programming you are given. But neuro-linguistic programming (or simply NLP) aims to put you in control of your own programming, allowing you to modify your mental processes, to fix the “viruses” of the mind, and perform at optimal efficiency.

This is not to marginalize the magnificent complexity of the human mind. We are, to be sure, more than simple computing machines. But tapping into your metaphorical “circuit board” does give you the opportunity to take advantage of the malleability of your brain. Instead of letting your mind be shaped only by haphazard external forces, you can take the reins and start creating yourself – making yourself into who you want to be.

How Does NLP Work?

An NLP session starts with an interview session. This initial interview is incredibly important, as it provides a current “blueprint” for the circuitry of your mind. Only after this is created can we begin to make corrections to the layout. During this phase, I will quickly (over the course of up to an hour) build a profile of how your mind works, thinks, stores and accesses memories, etc. I will examine both your conscious mind and subconscious mind – helping you to pin down what you want, what about your mind stands in your way, and how to correct it.

Following the interview, I will create an NLP prescription for you. During this time, I will teach you the appropriate techniques needed to remodel your mind for your unique goals, and then provide you with a specific regimen to follow. The techniques involve training your mind through mental imagery, language coding, self-conditioning, and many other innovative and effective programming tools.

This will take some work on your part (it’s almost like going to the gym for your mind), but I promise that the results will be their own motivation. It’s extremely satisfying, and you’ll feel proud of your progress.

NLP and BalanSoul

I have been using this technique for years with great success. It can be used to relieve almost any problem involving the brain – which equates to just about anything. Anything you want to change about your life or your mind can be tackled through neuro-linguistic programming. Anxiety, depression, sleep problems, smoking, overeating, relationship troubles, stress, low self-esteem – all of these troubles and so many more can be helped through NLP.

If you are interested, I see some of my best NLP results in combination with other natural therapies, such as herbal medicine , thought field therapy and guided imagery , among others. These are combinations we can talk about when you contact us about a consultation. NLP also makes for a great distance treatment .

Kindest regards, and I look forward to hearing from you.

–George Parker, N.D.

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