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by Linda Nielsen

We are each given challenges,
it happens all the time.
Some are given small hurdles,
while others, mountains to climb.

Although we’d rather stay down here,
in our valleys safe and sound.
God may start us toward that mountain,
to get our feet up off the ground.

With anger, fear, and tears all packed,
all burdens carrying weight,
we start off on that journey,
still questioning our fate.

At first the climbing isn’t tough,
a gradual slow ascent.
Too soon the bumpy path begins,
with our energy slowly spent.

Then one by one we’ll cast aside,
emotions not needed for feeling,
that which matters most of all,
Faith, Hope, Love, and Healing.

Still it gets so hard with every step,
there’s much to overcome.
The obstacles set before us,
are getting very troublesome.

But the higher we are climbing,
we notice that the view,
gets more beautiful and beautiful,
than anything we knew.

And as our energy is fading,
and the mountain top is near.
We know that God is with us,
for He whispers in our ear.

“You needed to climb this mountain,
and be high up in the sky,
For you dear are an Angel now,
set free, with wings to fly.”

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