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The Genetics of Stress and Depression

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Date:   31 October 2018

The Genetics of Stress and Depression

The field of genetic research has revealed so much in recent years about how the human body works, how life works across all species. Every day, we get more answers to the burning questions of “why?” and “how?” And with these answers come new solutions to age-old problems.

In the past few years, we’ve learned that the relationship between stress and depression (a relationship that has been noted for decades, even centuries) goes far deeper than anyone imagined.

In this full-length e-book, you’ll learn about:

  • The real statistics on conventional anti-depressants

  • The often overlooked dangers of the conventional approach

  • What the future of antidepressant therapy holds

  • How natural medicine works on your brain in unique ways

  • The whole story of neurotransmitters

  • Why treatment-resistant depression isn’t a dead end

Let me be clear, I’m not speaking out against conventional anti-depressants! They are fantastic and often effective tools. But they are not 100% effective, and are often misprescribed. My goal here is to go beyond conventional medicine, and to offer alternatives. If you’re not convinced by the information I provide here, then you are one of the few. Most people simply have not been exposed to this information. Everyone deserves to know all of the details about both conventional and alternative depression treatment, from the current cutting edge to historically effective treatment options. So please, read this book. You deserve it.

-George Parker, N.D.

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