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A Little Known Culprit in the Cause of Heart Disease

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Date:   31 October 2017

A Little Known Culprit in the Cause of Heart Disease

“In the late 1980’s a young German physician and medical researcher named Mathias Rath discovered a possible root cause of cardiovascular disease: deficiency of a simple nutrient – Vitamin C. He formed a collaboration with Linus Pauling, the famous biochemist and founder of modern chemistry, and together they gathered evidence demonstrating that this nutrient deficiency causes a chain of events that leads to cardiovascular disease.

Armed with this knowledge and an analysis of how plaques that cause cardiovascular disease are formed, Rath and Pauling proposed a simple therapy to bind and remove the plaques while healing the artery wall. The question may beckon readers on this website – if such a therapy exists then why don’t we all know about it?”

Read now to find out the answer that question, any many more. In this article, you’ll also learn about a tiny molecule that might be in your body now that could contribute to heart disease – lipoprotein(a). You’ll learn what this all means, and what you can do about it.

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