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Myth of Cholesterol

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Date:   31 October 2017

The Myth of Cholesterol Excerpts

There are a million books about cardiovascular health on the market, but there is one that we certainly recommend above all others. This is one of the most straightforward, intelligent, engaging, and easy to understand books currently on the market that deals with the complex and misunderstood relationship between heart health and cholesterol.

The Myth of Cholesterol delivers a profound, potentially life-changing message. Authors Paul Dugliss and Sarah Fernandez have kindly given BalanSoul permission to reproduce a section.

The excerpt includes information about:

  • Why the brain can and must manufacture cholesterol
  • How cholesterol is protective against heart disease
  • The consequences when people lower their cholesterol
  • Why cholesterol is a poor predictor of heart and artery disease
  • The real heart disease culprits

Download this PDF to read these free extended excerpts now. If you enjoy them, we of course encourage you to purchase the full-length book. It reads as well as any novel, yet is crammed full of important information that is far ahead of its time. You’ll never look at fried eggs the same way again!

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