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Checklist for Better Sleep

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Date:   31 October 2017

Checklist for Better Sleep

Begin to SLEEP SOUNDLY…starting right now!

How is it that as the pace of lives speeds up, making us more and more tired, we find it harder and harder to sleep?

As our environment becomes less like that of our evolutionary past, our natural rhythms honed over millennia are being disrupted. This has led to a host of psychological and physiological problems, with sleep disorders among the most obvious.

With this simple checklist, you learn how to make your life and sleep practices align with the natural environment your body was made for.

You’ll learn things like:

  • Foods to avoid and foods to seek out for sleep
  • Preparing your sleep environment
  • Overcoming psychological obstacles
  • The power of exercise and meditation
  • How long of a nap is too long?

…and so much more.

Download now to get this checklist and start to correct the unnatural disturbances that come with modern life. Sleep like you’ve never slept before by returning to the practices that have lulled our ancestors to sleep for thousands of years.

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