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Atherosclerotic Plaque

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Date:   31 October 2018

Formation of an Atherosclerotic Plaque

Heart disease is deadly…

This much we all know. But do you know what atherosclerosis is?

Atherosclerosis is a type of heart disease—and a common one. It involves a hardening and constricting of the arteries, often leading to a heart attack or stroke. Even worse, it can form without any perceivable symptoms.

Sound scary? It is. But you don’t have to leave it all to chance, and you don’t have to face heart health alone.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The lesser-known facts about heart disease
  • The three stages of atherosclerosis
  • Where cholesterol enters the equation
  • How carnitine can help

Download this article to get this free information now. This quick read is a perfect follow up to my article Structure and Function of Blood Vessels or to The Myth of Cholesterol Excerpts also available from BalanSoul. If you are concerned about heart health, you should really read all three of these cardiovascular articles!

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