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Welcome to the BalanSoul Library. Here, you’ll find many resources written by George Parker, as well as a number of links to other pieces of information we think you might find useful in your research. Most of these e-books and articles are free to download! The ones that do have a price tag are inexpensive, and these sales help us to build BalanSoul into an even more extensive site with a constantly growing library. We thank you in advance for your support.

Mental Health

30 Ways to Reduce Stress

I’ve spent a good portion of my career investigating stress—what it is, what it does, and how it contributes to a host of mental and physical health problem. And, most importantly, I’ve spent years figuring out how to keep stress at bay with natural therapies.

Gut Feelings

More Than Just a ‘Gut Feeling’:
What Gastrointestinal Health Means for Your Brain

We all know an upset digestive tract is uncomfortable and burdensome, but did you know it could actually affect your brain? Well, it can—and in a

Important Facts About Stress

Important Facts About Stress

Why are we all so STRESSED?

Stress is one of the most common psychological problems people face today. For many, it’s far more than bothersome—it’s exhausting and

Meaning of Depression

The Meaning of Depression

Do you know how Depression REALLY feels like?

Depression: it’s a terrible weight—a silent burden that can be so hard to talk about for not only the sufferers, but

Stop Losing Your Mind

Stop Losing Your Mind:
Recognizing and Controlling the Effects of Ageing

All organisms change as they age, and this process of change is part of what makes a species work and thrive as a whole. If no one ever aged and the

Cardiovascular Health

A Little Known Culprit in the Cause of Heart Disease

A Little Known Culprit in the Cause of Heart Disease
“In the late 1980’s a young German physician and medical researcher named Mathias Rath discovered a possible root cause of cardiovascular disease: deficiency of a simple nutrient

Myth of Cholesterol

The Myth of Cholesterol Excerpts

There are a million books about cardiovascular health on the market, but there is one that we certainly recommend above all others. This is one of the most straightforward, intelligent, engaging, and easy to

Structure and Functions of Blood Vessels

Structure and Functions of Blood Vessels

If you want to understand how your body works, START HERE!

Of all your bodily systems, few are as essential as your circulatory system.


Atherosclerotic Plaque

Formation of an Atherosclerotic Plaque

Heart disease is deadly…

This much we all know. But do you know what atherosclerosis is?

Breast Cancer

The Cancer Chronicles:
Breast Cancer

If cancer hasn’t already impacted your life, chances are it will in the future. Whether it hits a friend, family member, or even your own body, it is a devastating and sincerely frightening

Cancer and Sugar: A Deadly Combination

Cancer and Sugar: A Deadly Combination

Want to stop cancer in its tracks?

We only have so much control over whether cancer begins to develop in our bodies. The older we get, the more

Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods

Fewer words are scarier than cancer.

No question about it, cancer is as deadly as it is sneaky. Aside from regular screening, there is little you can do to detect it before it becomes

Cancer Treatment Protocols

Cancer Treatment Protocols Preview

While many people tend to think of naturopathy and alternative medicine as entirely separate from the clinical and scientific research of the conventional medical field, this

Clinical Detoxification

Clinical Detoxification

Your body is constantly FULL OF TOXINS.

Some of these toxic substances infiltrate you from the outside world, while others are byproducts of your

Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer In Your Everyday Life

Are you afraid of CANCER?

With rates rising and rising, most all of us are, and with good reason. Cancer can be extremely difficult to treat, and is

Living Cancer-Free

Connecting Liver Function to Living Cancer-Free

What do you know about your liver?

Most know little of the detoxifying miracles performed perpetually by your body’s largest internal organ. Most

Natural Cancer Protocols

Natural Cancer Protocols

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia (over 35,700 people annually). Despite a 30% improvement in the survival rate over the last two decades, the fact remains that there is no 100% definitive cure for cancer.

Nutritional Support for Radiation Therapy

Nutritional Support for Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy saves lives. It’s a wonder of modern medicine, to be sure.

But it can also be a painful course of treatment, with many health obstacles

Prostate Cancer

The Cancer Chronicles:
Prostate Cancer

If cancer hasn’t already impacted your life, chances are it will in the future. Whether it hits a friend, family member, or even your own body, it is a devastating and sincerely frightening

Reality of Cancer

The Cancer Chronicles:
The Reality of Cancer

If cancer hasn’t already impacted your life, chances are it will in the future. Whether it hits a friend, family member, or even your own body, it is a devastating and sincerely frightening

Body/Musculoskeletal System

9 Steps to Excercising for a Healthy Future

We all know that exercise is good for us. We all know that we should probably do it more. So what’s standing in our way?

Too busy, too tired, don’t know how, don’t know when… take your pick. We’ve all struggled with this at one time

Clinical Weight Management

Clinical Weight Management

Lose Weight theScientificWay

Don’t let the models on magazine covers fool you: Millions of people across the world struggle to control their body weight. If you do too, you are

Easing Joint Pain

Easing Joint Pain

Joint pain affects people from all walks of life. It can come from pre-existing injuries, from ageing, from overuse or under-use, and just about anything in between. In short, joint pain is a problem for an enormous group of

Hope in Adversity

Spiritual Consciousness

Mind, Body, Energy & Spiritual Consciousness:

Seeing the Invisible Limbs of the Soul

How to RISE ABOVE everyday problems and REACH for a DEEPER meaning to LIFE


Checklist for Better Sleep

Checklist for Better Sleep

Begin to SLEEP SOUNDLY…starting right now!

How is it that as the pace of lives speeds up, making us more and more tired, we find it harder and harder to

Nature of Naturopathic Medicine

The Nature of Naturopathic Medicine

What is natural medicine, anyway?
What’s the difference between alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine, holistic medicine, and complementary medicine?

Naturopathy and the Headache

Naturopathy and the Headache of Modern Life

Have you ever had a headache?

If you have—who hasn’t?—then you’ve experienced your body communicating with you.

Sickness and Health

In Sickness and In Health

For those who are facing terminal cancer and have accessed every means of treatment, but to no avail, there may seem to be nothing left but the end of life.

Sleep Science and Sleep Sense

Sleep Science and Sleep Sense

It’s a fact that approximately a third of the world’s population is suffering from a dangerous level of sleep deprivation. As a result, they are more at risk for illnesses such as digestive disorders, fatigue, depression

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