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Introduction to Cancer Support

The word “cancer” has so much weight to it. It bears down on us when we hear it or speak it. The thought of it rouses anxiety and sadness in us, and often a feeling of helplessness and an inability to comprehend what we speak of.

As a naturopath, I want to do two things in regard to cancer. First, I want to relieve your worries about cancer – to provide you with an understanding of how cancer works, and to make you confident that you are doing all you can to prevent this terrible disease before it takes hold. Second, if you are already battling cancer, I want to help you fight with your fullest potential while maintaining the highest level of comfort and quality of life possible. And, of course, I want to do these two things using the principles of naturopathy.

The heart of cancer prevention, even in conventional medicine, is naturopathic by nature. In the simplest form, it involves dietary modification, lifestyle modification, and regular screening. All of these things fit into the scope of naturopathy, making naturopaths uniquely well qualified to help you in this journey – perhaps even more so than your conventional physician. Beyond the basic information and advice I can offer, I can also assist you with more advanced therapies, including treatments like herbalism and clinical detoxification.

If you or a loved one has already been diagnosed with cancer, my heart is with you and your family. My services can help to slow cancer growth. I can also help with the psychological and spiritual battles that come with cancer (see therapies like thought field therapy, intentional counselling, and Reiki). However, I do not recommend trying to defeat cancer without the aid of conventional medicine. I can help you to super-charge your weaponry in your fight against cancer, and I can help to reduce the side effects of conventional cancer treatment – but we must tackle this illness with other specialists in the field of conventional medicine. They are only here to help you, just as I am.

Please take a moment to read the following excerpt from one of my introductory articles on cancer. Furthermore, if you wish, you may download the full text, completely free (see Natural Protocols for Cancer page).

Thank you for reading, and best wishes for good health.

–George Parker, N.D.

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