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I went to a party, Mom…

There are times when adversity seems to visit us in forms that we had never anticipated. We can live our whole lives attempting to do what we know is right. The things that our parents taught us echo in our hearts and we keep to the promises that we have made. But life is an interconnection between us all. What we do, one day, can affect all the tomorrows of another. In some cases, these actions can give hope to those around us. In some instances, the actions of others can damage that hope.

In our next illustration, we can see how the poor choices of one can adversely affect even those who have made a good choice. When we truly understand how close we all are to each other, then maybe we will consider our own actions. Not just in the light of what they may mean to their own circumstances, but what they may mean to others and those who are bonded to them, as well.

Fortunately there are those who take the time to illustrate these truths regarding our own interpersonal connections. These voices are intended to reach out to those who may have never considered how their actions affect others. But when you see these reactions through the eyes of those who have been touched by adversity, then you come one step closer to understanding the connected nature of humanity.

~ George Parker, N.D.

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