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How You Interpret the World

All of us see things in different ways. Our eyes catch the light and the colors of our surroundings and we respond accordingly. But suppose our eyes were no longer able to perform this function? At that point, we would rely on other senses to provide the interpretations for us. It may be the case that we would begin to rely more heavily on our sense of smell or hearing. But still, we would have to make the decision as to how we would face this difficult situation. Do we lose hope and place ourselves in one spot while waiting for something to change? Or can we be shown that there is more than one way of “seeing” the world.

This is also true for those of us who have no visual impairment. Can just a slight change in the wording of sign allow us to take a different look at our surroundings? That small change may end up being a powerful catalyst in the way we view (and treat) those around us. Here, now, we offer an example of that effect. Just a simple moment in time with a few simple words that can change the course of someone’s day – and their interpretations…

~ George Parker, N.D.

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