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Welcome to Hope in Adversity.

If you are currently experiencing adversity in your life, my sympathy is with you. However, it is our determination to assist you in finding a new source of INSPIRATION, COURAGE, FAITH and the HOPE that comes through the rebuilding of broken lives, hearts and dreams. Life is filled with challenges that can sometimes appear overwhelming. But it is through these challenges that we can witness the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.

At BalanSoul, we understand how life can sometimes present us with circumstances that feel as if they are more than we can bear. But our goal is to help your situation through understanding and compassion. Understand that there are others who have experienced or who are experiencing the same issues that you are currently facing. The stories that we have collected here can be a source of inspiration to you, in your troubled times. You may even choose to open up and share your situation by contacting the websites that we have listed in the ‘links’ section of this site. For now though, just take a moment to relax and immerse yourself in the inspiring stories of those who have met adversity and found encouragement in the face of their trials, as well as inspirational poems, quotes and other readings designed to give you newfound hope.

~ George Parker, N.D.

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