Here’s To The Misfit’s & Rebels 2017-06-29T02:53:22+00:00

Here’s To The Misfit’s & Rebels

The rebel’s the misfit’s

the one’s who didn’t fit in

to those that stand up

& give others a hand up

The loud ones & the quieter ones

the ones who make us laugh

to those that shout out & give a voice

to those who can’t get a word out

These misfit’s these rebels

the ones creating their own spells

to those who saw that things can be rearranged

& work on being the change

Here’s to us

The ones that people turn their nose up to

the one’s who keep going regardless

to those that have the fission of wisdom to create a new vision

The ones who feel the vibe

the turn of the tide

to those misfit’s & rebels

that went ahead knowing not what this path entails

without fear of being impaled

they still choose to set sail

they still choose to spread their wings

& flow with what life brings

Here’s to us

the misfit’s the rebel’s

the ones creating their own spells

the ones that have rearranged

& worked on being the change


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