Don’t Lose Courage by Runita R Menezes 2017-06-27T03:27:17+00:00

Don’t Lose Courage

Runita R Menezes

When things go wrong and you are blue,

When there’s nothing that you want to do,

When you feel your world’s falling apart,

When you feel that you just can’t make a start.

Don’t lose courage, don’t lose heart,

Put on a smile and restart.

For life is precious and shouldn’t be thrown away,

And after every dark night there’s a bright day.

When the road ahead seems all uphill,

And your chances of happiness range from zero to nil.

When life is hard and your spirits, are low,

When there’s nowhere for you to go.

Don’t lose courage, don’t lose strength,

Get on your feet and start again.

For though today is sad, tomorrow will give,

A brand new reason for you to live.

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