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BalanSoul Detoxification Services

Body cleansing and detoxification services are among my most popular therapies. This is because these services are needed now more than ever before. As our world becomes more polluted and our lifestyles become less “body-friendly”, we need more support to keep ourselves free of the harmful toxins that build up in our systems.

For more information about where these toxins come from and why they can be so dangerous, take a look at my free e-book, Fighting Cancer in Your Everyday Life. There, you will find out how to avoid these toxins to begin with, making the detoxification process all the more efficient!

Check out the excerpt below from my article on clinical detoxification. It’s full of introductory information on the body’s natural detoxification process, as well as how natural therapies can help maximize the efficiency of this process. If you’re interested to know more, please download the full-length article, absolutely free of charge!

Be well, and I hope to hear from you soon.

–George Parker, N.D.

From George Parker’s article,

Clinical Detoxification

(click here to download the free PDF booklet)

When we speak of detoxification, we’re actually referring to a natural process. The human body is designed to neutralize and eliminate various toxins from our system by taking toxic substances and converting them into non-toxic compounds that are then prepared for excretion. The build up of toxic materials in our bodies, in such a manner as to prevent proper toxic elimination, can occur for a number of reasons. When this situation exists, we may witness a relationship between toxic build up and a number of adverse medical effects which may affect our immune system, create nutritional deficiencies and can lead to allergies and hormonal imbalances.

Once we become aware that this is a genuine possibility in our own systems and may be the cause of related medical issues, we can be prompted to turn to generic, one-size-fits-all detox solutions that have become increasingly popular these days. But just as every person is different, the reactions to these various detox “solutions” will also be different and effectiveness will vary. The biggest problem with any generic solution is the inherent inability to take your individual biochemical needs into account. At BalanSoul, our approach is a customized individual detoxification program that is tailored to your specific biochemistry.


Is Detoxification Right for You?

The BalanSoul clinical detox program uses a combination of individualized nutritional supplementation in combination with diet and lifestyle change support that will target your detoxification needs. Along with these recommendations, you will also be given a detailed knowledge of how clinical detox can work specifically for your body chemistry. There are several indicators that can illustrate to us if a clinical detox program may be needed. The signs of accumulated toxins in our bodies as a result of poor body detoxification can include; insomnia, fatigue, bad breath, constipation, depression, moodiness, joint pain, irritability, dizziness and anxiety. The problems that can arise with our immune system, through poor body detoxification, may also lead to frequent colds and sore throat.

With your BalanSoul clinical detox consultation, we will determine if you
will benefit from a detoxification program. If so, a specific clinical detox plan will be designed to address your body’s individual needs.


To read this entire free article, click here to download the booklet.

Further Reading

You may also want to take a look at the BalanSoul e-book, Connecting Liver Function to Living Cancer-Free. There, you will learn more in-depth information about detoxification, as well as some simple natural solutions.

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