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Courage is a wonderful phenomenon
Anyone can possess it indeed
It is an everlasting feeling
Grown from a tender and loving seed

Courage is in a dying and sick child
With the biggest heart all can see
Fighting with every inch of their body
Loving life more than you and me

It is a brave and heroic firefighter
Running into a firestorm of hell
Saving lives and futures of strangers
Our own miraculous wishing well

A soldier in a fiery and deadly war
Losing brothers before their eyes
Fighting with their whole body and soul
Under a gloomy blood drenched sky

Courage is a breast cancer survivor
Beating death at its own game
Never giving up in the least bit
Rejoicing in their own personal fame

A single parent raising a child
More daunting and tedious than we see
Two roles molded into one
Becoming the mother, the father, the We

Courage is a relief aid worker
Traveling to a dangerous and foreign place
Helping the poor and unfortunate
Some things everyone should taste

Courage is beating a drug addiction
Demons consuming people’s lives
Ripping away our youth and innocence
Making us so much stronger, brave and wise

Courage is also standing up for yourself
When everyone is tearing you apart
Living the best life possible
And doing so with all your heart.

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