Courage by Harihara Sudhahar Ramamoorthy 2017-06-23T11:46:29+00:00


by Harihara Sudhahar Ramamoorthy

Many are the troubles we are confronted with,
Life is no more than a troublesome myth,
Reality is so bizarre and weak,
Sadness and fear has reached its peak.

What we lack is the courage to start,
Yet what we need is just a strong living heart,
Gather your wits all in one part,
And face that evil killing dart.

Whatever will happen, whatever it will take,
You are not going to let it break,
Cross the line and break your fate,
And start to try loving what you hate.

You have the right to decide your life course,
But be ready it may be all hollow and hoarse,
Try all that you can but don’t give up,
If in the end, you want the winning cup.

The courage is all that you need,
In your life, that will be the sowing seed,
It may put you in the lead,
But never will it be the weed.

If you think you are missing something,
Its the courage, the courage, in your ears it will ring.

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