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Courage and Hope

The human body can survive for about 30 days without food. The human condition can sustain itself for about 3 days without water, but no human alive can survive for more than 30 seconds without HOPE, because without hope we truly have nothing’ – Sean Swarner.

…without hope, life can be overwhelming and it seems our circumstances are insurmountable. When we feel like this, it can help to hear about those who refused to give up and went on to inspire others with their courage. It’s through them that we begin to understand that the first step past a seemingly hopeless situation is the step that we take in the light of uncompromising hope. Without hope, we feel that there is no need to continue moving forward. Without courage, we would not find the strength to conquer adversity. Here, we offer a look inside the hearts of those who understand that when courage and hope seem to be all that is left – it can sometimes be more than enough.

~ George Parker, N.D.

Courage & Hope Stories

Chasing Hope – There are occasions when we look in the mirror and lament over what we perceive to be “imperfections” in our appearance…. [read on]

Total Paralysis – We all feel that we have limitations holding us back from the things we want to accomplish in life. After all, life is can be so unfair to us. Right? …. [read on]

A Touch of Heaven – It had been a very disheartening day. The doctors had given us the worst of news. Our daughter, who had just completed her first brain surgery to remove a tumor …. [read on]

Breaking Through Uncertainty – We all question our ability at times. Uncertainty plagues us. It is even more intense if the ability we are questioning relates to something we have never tried or …. [read on]

A Little Compassion – A good friend of mine named Christina has an amazing gift, I think many people forget they have it in themselves. The gift of compassion. Why do I call it a gift?….. [read on]

The Power of Your Actions – One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class walking home from school. His name was Kyle…. [read on]

A miracle of $1.10 – Tess was a precocious eight year old when she heard her Mom and Dad talking about her little brother, Andrew. All she knew was that he was very sick …. [read on]

True Story of Courage and Love – Walking down a path through some woods in Georgia, I saw a water puddle ahead on the path. I angled my direction to go around it …. [read on]

The Story of Peng Shuilin – How many times have we found ourselves complaining about things that, in retrospect, were never really all that important to begin with? …. [read on]

The Whale Said “Thank-You” – Every now and again, life presents its entanglements that seem to appear out of nowhere. One moment, we’re free and content with our lives and then…. [read on]

Burn Survivor Story: Winson Chen – I met my challenge driving home from Atlanta on October 26, 2002. It came in the form of a high-speed collision with an eighteenwheeler…… [read on]

Burn Survivor Story: Ron Thompson – Until the night of February 22, 1984 , I was an average 16-year-old. I was in high school. I liked playing sports and hanging out with friends……. [read on]

A Helping Hand or Two – About three years ago, after a long stay in a convalescent home due to a severe injury, I started an outreach program working with the elderly, disabled….. [read on]

A Story of Hope – Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs….. [read on]

The Power of Determination: Glenn Cunningham’s Story – The little country schoolhouse was heated by an old-fashioned, pot-bellied coal stove. A little boy had the job of coming to school…… [read on]

Casey Heynes and the Truth Behind Bullies – Here is a tale about bullies and their victims that you may have heard about. It revolved around a teenaged student by the name of Casey Heynes…… [read on]

How You Interpret the World – All of us see things in different ways. Our eyes catch the light and the colors of our surroundings and we respond accordingly….. [read on]

The Ultimate Message of Hope For Our Time – Hope can come in many forms and, of course, there are many stories that can perfectly illustrate how hope can affect our lives …. [read on]

Never Quit – “Never, never, never give up!” – Winston Churchill. The words of Winston Churchill echoed across the globe during times of peace and in times of war…… [read on]

Tanya’s Domestic Abuse Story – Our next selections deal with the one common denominator regarding all those who have achieved success in any endeavor that they have set out upon….. [read on]

Tracy and Her Dad’s Stories – They are not both leukemia patients…learn how she conquered cancer and her father defied the odds…a great story of hope!…. [read on]

Three Hours of Fear and Hope – Zachary Mastoon thought he was finished with his fear of death. In the past few years, he had lost his mother to cancer and a friend to suicide….. [read on]

Courage & Hope: Quotes and Poems

Famous Courage & Hope Quotes….. [read on]

More Famous Courage & Hope Quotes…… [read on]

A Lot More Famous Courage & Hope Quotes…… [read on]

What Cancer Cannot Do….. [read on]
This Too Shall Pass…. [read on]

See it Through…. [read on]
Hope…. [read on]

The Woman Who Has Courage…. [read on]

Courage to Live…. [read on]

Borrowed Hope…. [read on]

Courage…. [read on]

Courage by Wish Belkin… [read on]

Courage by Harihara Sudhahar Ramamoorthy … [read on]
The Difference Between Strength and Courage…. [read on]

Laugh A Little Bit…. [read on]

Hope Never go gloomy, man with a mind… [read on]

Be The Best of Whatever You Are…. [read on]

Begin Again…. [read on]

Poem for Hope…. [read on]

I Shall Be Glad…. [read on]

Heart and Soul…. [read on]

Mountains…. [read on]

Hope by Hope is Poets… [read on]

Do It Right [read on]

Starting A New Life [read on]

Help Others [read on]

Something [read on]

Changes [read on]

One Life [read on]

The Future [read on]

Walking Away [read on]

What It Takes [read on]

Time [read on]

Various Poems [read on]

Victory [read on]

I’ll Never Give Up [read on]

Be Who You Must Be [read on]

To Believe [read on]

A Prayer For Courage [read on]

Start Living Now [read on]

Look Well to This Day [read on]

Promise Yourself [read on]

Courage by Daniel Vango… [read on]

Courage by Hanson Chen… [read on]

Tribute to Courage by James Elston… [read on]

Courage by Bea Early… [read on]

Anyone’s Courage [read on]

Courage by Richard Baird… [read on]

Courage by Marie-Fairy… [read on]

Don’t Lose Courage by Runita R Menezes… [read on]

Life with hope by Lleyson Hernandez… [read on]

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