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Cancer Treatment Protocols

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Date:   31 October 2013

Cancer Treatment Protocols Preview

While many people tend to think of naturopathy and alternative medicine as entirely separate from the clinical and scientific research of the conventional medical field, this couldn’t be further form the truth. In fact, naturopathy uses the exact same pool of research that conventional medicine bases its practices on – reading the same peer reviewed medical journals and going to the same conferences.

The difference lies in how we look it. You see, the research itself doesn’t provide us with answers – it simply provides doctors with data that they can make inferences upon and develop treatment programs accordingly. But how you apply the vast amount of research to your practice depends upon your own expertise, beliefs, and style of treatment. Two doctors can read the same research studies, but each may utilize the information very differently.

My goal here is to provide you some insight into the complex and technical details I consider when it comes to treating my patients. Naturopathy is not practiced on a whim – it is serious medicine. I need my cancer patients to understand this perhaps more than any others.

So download this writing to not only gain a great deal of knowledge for yourself, but also to allow me to prove myself and my work to you.

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