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Additional Resources

If you’re interested in additional information regarding natural cancer treatment support, I urge you to download this free e-book, Fighting Cancer in Your Everyday Life. In this book, you find a little bit of information on a wide variety of subjects. You’ll learn what seemingly innocuous things in your everyday life could promote cancer. You’ll also be given natural, healthy, effective alternatives.

You may also like to see the many BalanSoul articles and e-books available that deal with cancer and cancer treatment options:

  • Connecting Liver Function to Living Cancer-Free
  • Nutritional Support for Radiation Therapy
  • Cancer Fighting Foods
  • Cancer and Sugar
  • Clinical Detoxification

For firsthand accounts of cancer patients as well as screening information, see our Cancer Chronicles:

Fighting Cancer with Mindivine

Mindivine is a partner site to BalanSoul, and is full of almost endless resources developed by Dr. Emmett Miller, M.D. To learn more about Mindivine and Dr. Miller, please click here.

The following is taken from Mindivine’s Cancer Support page, where a collection of audio programs is assembled to help to fight back against cancer with the full power of your body, mind and spirit.

General and specific imagery such as on Healing From Cancer has been shown to support general good health, as well as to specifically improve survival as well as quality of life. Optimizing Radiation Therapy and Optimizing Chemotherapy have special imagery for those receiving chemo or radiation – so that your mind, emotions and body work with the goal of helping your body, mind and emotions work with the treatment. Awakening the Healer Within is a recording of several talks done at the Cancer Support & Education Center, where Dr. Miller served as Medical Director, which looks at aspects of mind-body healing as they relate to the specific disease of cancer.

The book, Deep Healing explores the concepts that underlie the healing process, and cancer. People undergoing treatment for cancer experience enormous changes in their lives; help for dealing with these can be found in Accepting Change, Abolish Anxiety and Escape from Depression. When surgery is needed, Successful Surgery and Recovery can improve nearly every aspect of the surgical experience.

Hope in Adversity

No doubt, a diagnosis and journey through cancer creates extreme adversity. Stress, despair, and feelings of being overwhelmed are all likely to be present as the many struggles coming out of cancer and cancer treatment arise. As these problems pile up, we can begin to feel hopeless and alone. I want to help you see that there is always hope, and that we are never truly alone. So I created a collection that I call Hope in Adversity.

Hope in Adversity is an extensive library of stories, videos, poems, essays, and other media meant to provide you with hope, joy, and comfort. You will laugh and cry, all the while building your feelings of resilience and your faith in humanity and especially – yourself. You can come here feeling at the end of your rope, and you’ll leave feeling secure and inspired.

If you are struggling, please click this link to see our collection. It contains the following categories:

  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Courage and Hope
  • Grief and Loss
  • Spiritual Uplifting

No matter what your adversity is, you’ll find a soothing balm for it here. So let’s not waste one more minute! We’ll give you a sneak peak of the material you’ll find in Hope in Adversity below. It’s my paramount ambition to help raise you up, boost your spirits, your hope, your courage and faith.

  • This poem has inspired many to fight with all their hearts.
please dont despair
  • This story has never been read without crying , but it is both sombre and joyous at once, a testament to the unending strength of the human spirit.
in sickness and in health
  • A music video made by cancer survivors and cancer warriors, this will boost your spirits and restore your hope and faith.
[fvplayer src="http://youtube.com/watch?v=BaQdwTsVtCY"]

Like more endless motivation and inspiration? Go to Hope in Adversity, sit down with a green tea and read and watch to your heart’s content.

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