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by George Parker, N.D.

Never allow the pace of modern life to stress you

Stay cool, do not waste words, and learn to find your
satisfaction in silence.

Get on with everybody except those that try to put you down.

Have your say when you need to and make your point clearly –

Then concentrate on understanding what other people
think as well.

Do not get uptight about rude and pushy people
who disturb your inner person.

Nor frustrate yourself by competing aimlessly with other people, or feeling superior.

There will always be less important and more successful
people than yourself.

Focus on what is important to you and your loved ones.
Plan your future – together.

Care for the way you make your money,
and show an interest in what you do.

Appreciate your job and never become casual about the blessing of work.

If in business, be careful – scams and crooks are everywhere

At the same time, accept that many people, like you, are genuine and honest

Do not forget that they also aspire to truth and fairness.

Recognise that many people that you meet are idealists too

And that the world is filled with anonymous heroines and heroes.

Do not pretend to be anybody other than yourself
Be sincere, and never abuse love shown towards you by another person.

The world can be a disillusioning and uninspiring place –
But, in all of this, love returns to us like the spring rains

As you grow older come to terms with age using the wisdom that you have gained –

And do not try to be a young fool in an older body
Build reserves of inner strength for difficult times that may lie ahead –
Do not assume that a lonely and troublesome death lies ahead for you.
Fear like this is often just the result of being battle weary, and alone.

Love yourself, and enjoy what you do

You are as much a part of life as are the trees, the birds
and the stars.

Like them, you have both a right to exist and a role to play.

God is still in charge, and his plan is rolling out as he intends that it should be.

Make your peace with God, however you understand that creative power.

No matter how your life unfolds, and whatever troubles you may have,

Stay in touch with your inner self, which some may call their soul.

It is easy to blame God and your fellow man for the state in which you find yourself –

Rather accept that God’s creation and the creatures that live in it are beautiful And be joyful in life, and positive about everything.

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