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Welcome to BalanSoul

The Nature of Balance

All of life is a matter of balance. Every ecosystem, every organism, the planet, the universe, every atom of every molecule—all things depend upon a careful balance.

From gravity governing the fabric of the cosmos to the precision of your organ systems, equilibrium is a constant. When things are thrown off, all of these systems are designed to restore balance. It’s an essential part of the nature of existence. Without this predisposition to balance, life could not go on and existence would be chaos.

At BalanSoul, acknowledgement of this essential truth serves as our most solid foundation. It is at the heart of our passion for wisdom and unending desire for wellness—two sides of the same coin. Your body wants to be well, and it has the healing power to keep itself well and perfectly balanced, if only you’ll let it.

What is BalanSoul?

BalanSoul serves not only as a hub for the naturopathic consultations and services of George Parker, N.D., but also as an extensive library and information portal for all things related to body, mind, soul, and the intricate natural balance of these branches of being.

Whether you’re looking for an immediate expert naturopathic consultation or just some enlightening reading material to compliment your morning coffee—you are free to use this site as you wish with no obligation. Most of the resources we offer through BalanSoul are completely free and widely enjoyed.

The goal of BalanSoul is to educate as many people as possible about naturopathic medicine and the holistic approach. We want to help people the whole world around find the everlasting natural wellness that they deserve. Whether through the resources offered here or through the services offered by George Parker, N.D., we will help you find good health and peace—no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Want to learn more about naturopathy? Let us answer all of your questions here

Navigating This Site

Our orange toolbar at the top of this page contains the BalanSoul essentials. This is a great place to begin your exploration of this site.

  • Want to know more about what we do? Check out our Services and About Us pages.
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If you’d like to jump into research about a particular topic, take a look at the right hand sidebar. Each box represents a unique and comprehensive information portal. These resources can also be found on our Services page (link above).

Enjoy Your Stay

We sincerely appreciate your visit to BalanSoul, and we hope you find our content interesting and informative. If there is anything we can do for you please do contact. We’d also love to hear your feedback about the website and our services. We are here to serve you, so your opinion is extremely important to us. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with George Parker or a BalanSoul representative.

Again, please enjoy your stay at BalanSoul, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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